Share Trading Account

My first trading account was opened in year 2003 with OSK and started to trade since then. That time, I only buy finance sector shares. I remembered I bought few shares of Public Bank, RHBCAP and AMMB. But I sold the Public Bank shares during the market correction in 2004 and kept the other two shares. I feel regretted that I sold the Public Bank shares for not buy and hold the shares.

All these shares have gained almost 4 times till today market prices (10 years period) even though currently is under major market correction.

In 2007, I opened another share trading account with Maybank2u due to its online trading which offers much more convenience than calling the remisier for trading.

Starting from year 2008, I started invest regularly using my Maybank account and managed to accumulated more than 20+ shares with dividend of ~5k a year.

My shares profolio mainly combination of Consumer, Finance and Trading & Service sectors.

Hope in coming 3 years it can lead me to financial freedom. I’ll share my portfolios in my next post.