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Leaking Oil

Engine oil leaking on my Polo.You can notice it easily – oil dripping onto the mud guide cover. See the picture shown below.

Oil Strain at mud guide

Engine Parts

Changed out the items 5, 6 & 9. No more leak after changed out the gaskets which only took a day. Labour cost RM220.

Ignition Transformer

My VW polo car got electric “clicking noise” when step on accelerator. It happened since last year. The noise get louder when the engine was hot. Diagnosed – No error codes. Other symptoms were lost of power, unstable RPM, rough idling and shift to wrong gear when driving especially in hill road.

After troubleshooting all the possible causes, suspected the ignition transformer possibly causing the issue (I am pretty sure). So ordered the ignition transformer which cost just little over RM1k.

Took out the old one and found one of terminals was crack.

Ignition Transformer


Ignition Transformer – Crack Terminal


Ignition Transformer – PN# 032 905 106B

Replaced with the new one and so far no more clicking noise.


Car Engine Oil change – longlife or Time/distance regime?

Do we really need to use Longlife engine oil?

Below information which I found from Volkwagen website.

For LongLife service regime it could be anywhere between 9,000 miles or 12 months up to a maximum of 20,000* miles or 24 months, depending on the way the car is driven and/or its operating environment.

For Time and Distance regime will be around 10,000 miles or 12 months (which ever occurs first).

To help you identify which regime may be best for you, you can refer following guidance.

LongLife Regime
To obtain the most benefit from the LongLife service regime, the car should to be generally driven in a style/condition of use listed below:
• Mainly longer distance journeys
• Limited number of cold starts, engine is kept at operating temperature over a longer period of time
• Daily mileage above approx. 25 miles
• Constant speed
• Vehicle used regularly

Time/Distance Regime
It your car is driven in a style if listed below, it may be more appropriate to opt for the Time and Distance regime
• Extremely uneconomical driving style ie continual maximum acceleration ie. ‘foot to floor’
• Vehicle fully loaded
• Mainly short journeys
• Frequent cold starts
• Frequent hill climbs
• Frequent towing
• City centre driving

Please note that all mileage stated is an approximate guide as the service indicator system uses kilometres as the distance measurement. For detail please refer to

VW Polo 1.2 TSI Squeaking Sound

It is kinda annoying when you drive over the speed bump! The squeaking sound get worse when it is wet. Tried to locate what is the possible caused by spraying WD40 to all the bushings. Finally I found out the anti roll bar bushing that were causing the squeaking noise.

Inner side of Bushings

Outer side of bushing

You can see the inner sides of bushing still ok only the outer were worn out.

Part No:  6Q0 411 314 P


VW Polo 1.2 TSI anti roll bar size is 16mm in diameter. After changed out to the new one. No more squeaking noise.