I love photography and my very first DSLR camera is Canon 400D. I start to shoot more pictures as no extra charge for “film”. I mostly shoot in low light condition and I find it difficult to shoot with this camera due to ISO limitation; max ISO it can go is ISO 1600 and when you shoot at high ISO, you will get more digital “noise” even though I use it with a Canon EF-S 17-55mm F2.8 IS lens wide open aperture.

I only owned it for a year+ then I decided to upgrade my camera body to Canon 50D. It is slightly biggest camera body and heavier but it gives better performance in continuous shoot and better handling in low light condition. I am happy with this camera. But one of the issue with this camera is that the main dial starts to slip after 5 years of shooting with shutter counts only slightly above 10K which is quite disappointing. I use the main dial quite often; mainly to adjust the shutter speed as I use manual mode for most of my shooting.

However, this issue can be fixed by following the link below for the simple steps to solve the main dial slip issue.

By the way, it also give me an excuse to upgrade to a full frame camera. Yeah and get myself a Canon 5D MKIII with 24-105mm F4 IS lens.

50D 5D ComparisonCould you tell which picture is taken using 5D MKIII?