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My Total Investment In 2013

My total stock investment in year 2013 was RM29,813; about average of RM2,484 per month.

This Year, I sold out all of my unit trust funds and reinvest some of the capital back to stock market. Since the current market is under major correction, it is time to entertain the Mr Market to keep him happy. And also oil price is keep on dropping (& hopefully it would stabilise at $65/bbl) may be a good sign to cool down the current inflation rate (>3%) in Malaysia. Buy and Hold strategy may work better during this bargain periods. Just my 2 cents. Besides that most of the world markets on the historical high.

Some shares under my watch-list is close to bargain zone this week and some dropped to 52 weeks low. So I bought 300 and 500 units of AEON and PWROOT at RM3.15 and RM1.45 respectively. Total units accumulated for AEON and PWROOT are 2300 and 3000 units respectively.

Topup My Shares

This week I topup 2 shares, CIMB and PWROOT at RM5.84 and RM1.52 respectively. Total units accumulated in CIMB and PWROOT actually not very much, only 800 units and 2500 units respectively. Although it is just a small amounts, the returns could be out of your imagination in 10 years as both shares have the ROE of 15% as per year 2013 financial result. Hence, my target is put one or two thousands in stocks as a long term investment.

To recap, CIMB shares has dropped more than 20% since announcement of mega bank mergers with RHBCAP and MBSB. Sadly, EPF not allowed to vote for the merger. However, it seems that the merger still very likely to happen in 1Q2015

**ROE = Return on equity measures the rate of return on the ownership interest of the common stock owners. It measures a firm’s efficiency at generating profits from every unit of shareholders’ equity.